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Teacher Subject
Basso Daniela Maria Geobiology
Boeger Walter Marine Molecular Biology
Dell'Agnese Elena Environmental justice and geopolitics of the sea
Del Rio Rodriguez Rodolfo Management of Acquatic Resources: Fisheries
De Maddalena Alessandro Marine Vertebrate Zoology
Ferrero Luca Chemistry of Marine Environment
Franzetti Andrea Marine Environmental Microbiology
Galimberti Andrea Marine Invertebrate Zoology
Galli Paolo Biodiversity and Marine Ecology
Gentili Rodolfo Coastal and Marine Botany
Grasso Marco Political Geography and Geopolitics of the Sea
Maggioni Davide Fundamentals of Marine Biology
Malatesta Stefano Human Geography of Small Islands
Malinverno Elisa Biofacies
Malinverno Elisa Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology
Mohameh Shazla Biodiversity and Marine Ecology
Montano Simone Biodiversity and Marine Ecology
Nomikou Evi Applied Marine Geology
Pasquero Claudia Physics of the Sea
Savini Alessandra Applied Geomorphology and Habitat
Savini Alessandra Fundamentals of Marine Physical Geography
Schmidt de Friedberg Marcella Coastal and Marine Hazard and Resilience
Seveso Davide Biodiversity and Marine Ecology
Strepparava Maria Grazia Communication Skills and Interpersonal Relation Management
Tani Ilaria International Law of the Sea and Marine Environment Protection
Valsecchi Elena Marine Vertebrate Zoology
Vicinanza Diego Coastal risks and dynamics