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How to be admitted

In order to attend our Marine Sciences post-graduate degree, candidates must hold a university degree or a three-year university diploma, or another recognized qualification obtained from a foreign institution. An English language certification is also required, issued by a body accredited by the University, corresponding to a minimum of B2 level. Also undergraduates with a high competence level but whose background is not entirely consistent with the requirements, may apply for admission. In any case, all students and candidates will be admitted on the basis of the applicants’ academic records and an interview whose procedures will be established by the Program’s Board and published here.

Admission to the Master’s Degree course in Marine Sciences is subject to applicants being in possession of at least 18 credits (CFUs) testifying to a basic grounding in the following disciplines:

  • Chemistry and allied areas (CHIM/01, CHIM/02, CHIM/03, CHIM/06)
  • Biology and allied areas (BIO/01, BIO/05)
  • Earth Sciences (GEO/04, GEO/07)
  • Ecology and allied areas (BIO/03, BIO/07).

International students will be evaluated on the basis of their academic record in the above mentioned subjects.

If you want to proceed with registration, please visit the Apply Now page and follow the procedure. You will be redirected to our online platform.