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What can I do after graduation?

Graduates from the program will have access to employment opportunities at an International level, in both the public and private sectors, with professional tasks aimed to the assessment and management of marine environmental systems affected by human activities.

In the Public Sector, these professional roles are requested by central (ministries or national research institutes) and regional authorities and by a number of local institutions and governments. Graduates from the postgraduate program in Marine Sciences will have the necessary skills to assess the specific actions to be taken when operating in the natural system, to evaluate the related costs and benefits, including social and economic aspects in complex environmental systems. In the private sector, graduates from the postgraduate program can find employment in companies and firms producing goods and services, and be assigned organizational, assessment, management and direction tasks for all the issues that may involve interactions between productive activities and the marine coastal environments. Graduates from the postgraduate program in Marine Sciences may be eligible for participation in some national professional board examinations (where applicable) as provided by the legislation in force in the different countries.

Graduates may also carry out scientific research at universities or research centres, applied research and risk monitoring institutions within ministerial and local agencies involved in marine and coastal areas management, environmental management activities within institutional bodies and protected areas, environmental consulting and impact assessment, science popularization.